Tuxedo Shirts – Made to Measure

20 Sep

Tuxedo shirts: The perfect shirts for dinner suits, tuxedos and wedding suits.

Tuxedo Shirts Style (Made to Measure)

Tuxedo Shirts Style

All types of material avaiable in cotton and silk.

We take orders for the company dresses and uniforms also.

Tuxedo bespoke shirts collar style - New Look Collection Tailor

Tuxedo bespoke shirts collar style

Once you plan to buy tuxedo shirts we would share with you following forms:

1. Measurement Form : To get your measurements

2. Style Form : to get to know the styles you like.

Tuxedo Styles Overview:

Front options: 

Tuxedo Front Options

1″ Pleats

3/4″ Pleats

1/2″ Pleats

Bib Front w/Diamond Pique

Bib Front w/Stripped Pique

Plain Fly Front

Collar options:

Tuxedo Collar options

Wing Tip Collar

Classic Medium

Spread Collar

2 7/8″ Long

1 3/4″ High Back

Band Collar

1 1/4″ High

Your satisfaction is our gurantee.

You give us proper mesurements we provide you best fitted suit\shirts\overcoat etc.


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One response to “Tuxedo Shirts – Made to Measure

  1. mohanscustomtailors

    September 24, 2012 at 6:30 am

    good idea to measure, thanks for the post.


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