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The Custom Tailor

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Our master’s cut is as superior as Armani, Versace, Prada, HugoBoss, Kenzo, Cerruti 1881, PaulSmith, Gucci, Sevile Row London,Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, YvesSaintLaurent,

Dolce & Gabbana, Piere Cadin, Valentino, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Jil Sander, Hermes, Brook Brother and all the popular brand names available in our latest Fashion’s Business.

We are long well established Custom Tailoring Service Store in Pattaya, Thailand most of our clients would call us Bespoke Tailor. Our reputation is well known even among other local tailors as well as government’s officers, famous businessmen, lawyers, doctors, teachers, professors, bankers, hotel’s manager, hotel’s staff so many other occupation who like wearing proper attires to suits their characteristics, styles, habits, postures, looks and professions.

We provide the best fabric’s quality to ensure the best finishing and craftsmanship of our final garment’s products. We supply government’s uniforms, hospital’s uniforms, school’s uniforms, university’s uniforms, and so many Five Stars hotel’s uniforms too. We guaranty our superior merchandise at it full lifetime usage.

brad pitt and angelina jolie, vanessa hudgens and zac efron

brad pitt and angelina jolie, vanessa hudgens and zac efron

Bespoke Suits by Professional Tailors

Bespoke is the highest level of custom suits. This process remains unchanged for over a hundred years and is the truest form of old world custom tailoring. Today it is only available through master tailors and will usually cost more than off-the-rack suits.

Ways to tell if you are truly getting a bespoke suit:

* Measurements are taken by the Master Tailor or his pattern maker, personally or given by the customer themselves.
* Patterns are drawn and cut by hand on muslin for each individual client
* The garment is fitted using a baste garment. A basted garment is a garment made with loose stitching so that it can be modified easily. Usually the baste fitting garment is made from a cheap fabric so that errors and corrections can be made without ruining the clients selected fabric.
* There are multiple fittings, usually between 2-5. If the customer is not there, then the fitting will be tested on dummy model.
* The master tailor and his apprentice will actually sew the garment. The apprentice will do the “grunt” work (basic sewing and cutting, i.e. sleeve and leg seams etc.) while the Master will do the “finishing” work (fine details i.e. the button holes, pick stitching etc.)

เราเป็นบริษัทผู้ผลิตและจัดจำหน่ายสูทมาตรฐานและสูทสำเร็จรูปต่างๆมากมาย  ไม่ว่าคุณจะต้องการตัดสูทเพื่องานและวันพิเศษของคุณและครอบครัวของคุณ   หรือเพื่อใช้ในการทำงานประจำวันของคุณ คุณสามารถเข้ามาที่ร้านของเราที่ แตนท์ หรือต้องการตัดชุดฟอร์มบริษัท เราก็มีบริการค่ะ เชิญแวะมาคุยกับเราสิค่ะ คุณสามารถติดต่อเราได้ตามรายละเอียดนี้ค่ะ ติดต่อเรา หรือคุณจะต้องการเยี่ยมชมเว็บไซต์ของเราก็เพื่อดูรายละเอียดก็เชิญได้ที่นี่นะค่ะ สินค้าและบริการ หรืออยากจะเข้าชมแฟชั่นแกลอรี่สวยๆ ก็เชิญได้ที่นี่ค่ะ แฟชั่นแกลอรี่

Custom Suits by Professional Tailors

This term has the loosest definition and can encompass pretty much any of the grades of custom suiting. This is currently the biggest growing segment in custom suits and can be the most confusing area for the average consumer. With that said, there is a different step down from a bespoke suit, to a custom suit, to a made to measure suit, so knowing what to expect can go a long way to investing your dollars wisely in a quality custom suit.
Here is what to look for in a quality custom suit:

* Measurements are taken by a professional tailor, designer or pattern maker.
* A new pattern is cut for each client.
* No limitations to options. Often companies will call their made to measure suits (to be explained below) custom but they have to limit the optional details (such as buttons, pockets, button stance etc.) to keep within the patterns guidelines.
It is advisable to find a custom suit maker that is open to different cuts and will listen to your needs. Sometimes you will find tailors that like to cut suits a certain way, this is like going to a barber that only cuts one kind of haircut.  A custom suit allows you to create hybrid cuts and designs that fits your body and personality, so it’s OK to be creative and to speak up. If you hear the phrase “I’ve been doing this business for XX years you should listen to me” or any variation of that from the tailor, run for the hills and head to your closest designer retail store for the next version of custom suiting, Made to measure.
Made to Measure
This is the most common segment in the custom suit market. Found in most upscale retail stores and brand name designer boutiques, this is the best way to get a great fitting suit in a cut you already enjoy. A made to measure suit is, for all intents and purposes, an off the rack suits pattern modified to fit a specific person. Most people are asymmetrical, some have one shoulder lower than the other, some slouch, some stand quite straight, made to measure allows for the existing pattern to be modified to fit these circumstances.
Limitations are put to help avoid changing the “soul” of the suit, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are already a fan of a certain brands cut or silhouette. Armani is considered by many a genius and of course he is the master of his brands signature style and design. Getting a made to measure suit with modifications only to posture and asymmetry but keeping with in his design will help ensure the best made to measure experience.
Be deliberate when buying a made to measure suit. For example do not go to Brooks Brothers, a brand famous for their traditional American cuts, looking for a slim Italian suit. It defeats the purpose. If you like modern, go to a modern brand like Prada or Dolce and Gabbana, if you like traditional go to Brooks Brothers. Choosing the brand is 90% of the battle when it comes to a made to measure suit. Custom suit makers tend to talk down about made to measure suits, saying that it is not a true custom suit. While there are limitations, like an inability to make sizes they do not already make (you can’t modify a pattern that doesn’t already exist) Made to measure allows you to get a suit fitted to you without having to reinvent the (design) wheel.

Maßkleidung vom Feinsten – Kiton, Versace, Louis Viton, Boss, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Armani, Burberry und wie sonst noch die namhaften Label heißen
Was sind diese schon, wenn Sie ganz einfach Ihr eigener Designer sein können?
Ein Maßanzug aus Seide oder Kaschmir war auf Grund überdimensionierter Kosten lange Zeit nur exklusiven Kreisen vorbehalten.
ermöglicht Ihnen diese Exklusivität jetzt mit erstaunlichen Preisvorteilen.

Alle Modelle und Produkte werden für Sie aus den schönsten Materialien der Welt und zu besten Preisen angefertigt. Wir verarbeiten Kaschmir, Seide, Baumwolltuche und Leder in Top Qualitäten, weil wir sie von den gleichen Herstellern beziehen, wie die Top-Label. Und noch ein Vorteil für Sie: Die Waren sind bereits verzollt, wenn Sie bei Ihnen eintreffen.
Weil wir der Meinung sind, der persönliche Kontakt ist durch nichts zu ersetzen, kommen wir mit unseren Stoffmustern ganz einfach zu Ihnen, besprechen das Design anhand Ihrer oder unserer Vorlagen, nehmen Maß – und schicken Ihnen die fertige Ware zu. So einfach und günstig können Sie sich die schönsten Kleider der Welt auf den Leib schneidern lassen

We specialized in custom Cashmere suit, Pure Linen, Swiss cotton, American’s Seersucker suit, Wool & Cashmere suit, Italian Mohair Suit, English Gabardine, Australian Merino wool suit, Italian Silk suit, 100% Handmade Pure Thai silk suit and shirt, Pure Raw silk suit, Pure Microfiber wrinkle free suit, Black ties suit, and Luxury Tuxedo suit with Black waistcoat.
Camel-Hair coat, Wool and Cashmere, Mink Cashmere coat, reefer jacket, sport jacket, winter clothing, summer clothing, and leather wear items such as cow’s, lamb’s, elephant’s leather jackets and leather’s full coats, leather vest, pant and skirt.
Evening dress, ladies’ shirt, short skirt, working skirt, ladies’ business suit, ladies’ casual suit, cocktail dress, evening dress and wedding dress and custom outfit for both groom, bride, and bride’s mate & groom’s mate.
Silk neckties, cravat, cummerbund, bow ties, silk scarves, Pashmina scarves, and more. Silk Pajamas, silk boxer shorts, and silk handkerchief.
Egyptian cotton, Swiss cotton, Sea Island cotton, Oxford cotton, Pinpoint cotton, twill & poplin finishing, good fit shirts. Pure silk, linen, silk & cotton shirts’ fabric are always available at the counter.
Our professional designer could assist you for the best trends and updated fashion according to your style and comfort so it should make you look the best as possible with a very reasonable price according to your budgets and no additional charges for any consultant or advice.

บริการออกแบบ และ ตัดเย็บชุดสูท ทุกชนิด สำหรับท่านสุภาพบุรุษและสุภาพสตรีด้วยผ้าที่หลากหลาย
โดยช่างผู้ชำนาญงานกว่า 15 ปี เรามีโรงงานเป็นของตัวเอง พร้อมให้บริการหลังการขาย
เราให้บริการออกแบบและตัดเย็บทั้งสูทแท้และสูทเทียม, เสื้อกั๊ก, เสื้อโค๊ด, ทักซิโด้ แจ๊คเก็ต, ชุดยูนิฟอร์มพนักงาน พร้อมบริการวัดตัวถึงที่
บริการปักโลโก้บริษัท, ชื่อพนักงาน, กระเป๋าติดโลโก้พร้อมกระดุม สามารถถอดออกได้เมื่อไม่ได้ใช้
บริการ รับตัดชุดสูท ตัด เสื้อสูท ตัดกระโปรง ตัดกางเกง ในแบบต่างๆ ตามที่ลูกค้าต้องการ รับตัดตามรูปแบบ
และรับออกแบบชุดสูทให้ด้วยเพื่อให้เหมาะสมกับการใช้งาน หรือออกงาน

ราคาเริ่มต้นที่  2,500 บาทรวมผ้า (สำหรับชุดสูทแท้)
1. ติดต่อสอบถามเนื้อผ้า/รูปแบบ  ส่งใบเสนอราคา
2. นัดเวลาเข้าพบเพื่อเสนอแบบและเนื้อผ้า ตกลงราคา
3. สั่งผลิตสินค้า  (วัดตัว/size/ชำระเงินมัดจำ 50% ของจำนวนสินค้าทั้งหมด)
4. ผลิตสินค้า (ระยะเวลาอยู่ที่จำนวนสินค้า)
5. จัดส่งสินค้าในเวลาที่กำหนด (ชำระเงินส่วนที่เหลือทั้งหมด)

บริษัทเราผลิตชุดยูนิฟอร์ม เสื้อพนักงานชาย-หญิง เสื้อยืด เสื้อแจ๊คเก็ต ชุดพนักงานออฟฟิต เสื้อเชิ้ต เสื้อโรงงาน เสื้อช็อพ เสื้อพนักงาน เสื้อโฆษณา ชุดพยาบาล เสื้อโปโล เสื้อ POLO เสื้อคอกลม  เสื้อ T-SHIRT เสื้อกาวน์ หมวก
รับทำเสื้อโฆษณา เสื้อคอกลม คอปก โปโล
รับสกรีน และปัก ด้วยระบบคอมพิวเตอร์
ด้วยมาตรฐานในการออกแบบ ตัดเย็บ และพิมพ์ลวดลายต่างๆ

เสื้อผ้า  เสื้อผ้าสำเร็จรูป  เสื้อยืด  เสื้อโปโล  POLO  เสื้อPOLO   เสื้อคอกลม  T-SHIRT   T-SHIRTS
เสื้อสกรีน  เสื้อแจ๊คเก็ต  JACKET  JACKETS  เสื้อโฆษณา  เสื้อส่งเสริมการขาย  เสื้อแจก  เสื้อแถม
เสื้อพนักงานบริษัท  เสื้อฟอร์มพนักงาน   ดพนักงานบริษัท  ชุดยูนิฟอร์ม  ยูนิฟอร์ม  Uniform  ชุดช่าง
เสื้อช๊อป เสื้อวอมม์  ชุดหมี เสื้อหน่วยงาน  เสื้อองค์กรต่างๆ  เสื้อกีฬาสีเสื้อทีม  เสื้อชมรม  สมาคม
เสื้อคณะของมหาวิทยาลัย  เสื้อชมรม  ชุมนุมต่างๆ  เสื้อชมพู  เสื้อ 80 พรรษา  เสื้อเหลือง  เสื้อรับน้อง
เสื้อจัดงาน Event ต่างๆ  ผ้ากันเปื้อนแบบต่างๆ  ถุงผ้าชนิดต่างๆมีทุกเนื้อผ้า หมวกโรงงาน  หมวกแม่ครัว
หมวกแก๊ป CAP  ของพรีเมี่ยม เสื้อเพื่อใช้เป็นของพรีเมี่ยม premium

เสื้อผ้า  เสื้อผ้าสำเร็จรูป  เสื้อยืด  เสื้อโปโล  POLO  เสื้อPOLO   เสื้อคอกลม  T-SHIRT   T-SHIRTS เสื้อสกรีน  เสื้อแจ๊คเก็ต  JACKET  JACKETS  เสื้อโฆษณา  เสื้อส่งเสริมการขาย  เสื้อแจก  เสื้อแถม เสื้อพนักงานบริษัท  เสื้อฟอร์มพนักงาน   ดพนักงานบริษัท  ชุดยูนิฟอร์ม  ยูนิฟอร์ม  Uniform  ชุดช่าง เสื้อช๊อป เสื้อวอมม์  ชุดหมี เสื้อหน่วยงาน  เสื้อองค์กรต่างๆ  เสื้อกีฬาสีเสื้อทีม  เสื้อชมรม  สมาคม เสื้อคณะของมหาวิทยาลัย  เสื้อชมรม  ชุมนุมต่างๆ  เสื้อชมพู  เสื้อ 80 พรรษา  เสื้อเหลือง  เสื้อรับน้อง เสื้อจัดงาน Event ต่างๆ  ผ้ากันเปื้อนแบบต่างๆ  ถุงผ้าชนิดต่างๆมีทุกเนื้อผ้า หมวกโรงงาน  หมวกแม่ครัว หมวกแก๊ป CAP  ของพรีเมี่ยม เสื้อเพื่อใช้เป็นของพรีเมี่ยม premium


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รับสกรีน และปัก ด้วยระบบคอมพิวเตอร์
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Welcome to New Look Collection Custom Tailors! Custom Suiting Shirting Overcoat for men and women

New Look Collection Custom Tailors are at your service with the traditional custom-Tailoring and the best consultation. We aim at catering the sartorial needs of businessmen and aristocracy worldwide in the best possible way.We, The Tailors at “New Look Collection” specialize in Bespoke tailoring both for Men and Women. ‘Quality’ and ‘Value for Money’ is what we focus on.We are a group of professionals, commitment to create your outfits that complements your individuality, body type, and personal taste.We are into Custom Tailored Clothing since generations and are considered among the best tailors of  Pattaya, Thailand.Tailored Suits, Tailored Shirts, Tailored Trousers are one of our major specialty.

Following are few of our formal and casual wear products: Custom Tailored Suits Custom Shirts Custom Trousers Custom Skirts Bespoke Sport-coats Bespoke Jackets Bespoke Blazers Bespoke Tuxedos Made to Measure Tails Made to Measure Jeans Made to Measure golf shorts, golf pants Made to Measure Kimonos Custom Denim Wears: Jeans, Trousers, Jackets Bespoke Leather Wears: Belts, Jackets, Trousers Made to Measure Overcoats
Following are few of our formal and casual wear products:
  • Custom Tailored Suits
  • Custom Shirts
  • Custom Trousers
  • Custom Skirts
  • Bespoke Sport-coats
  • Bespoke Jackets
  • Bespoke Blazers
  • Bespoke Tuxedos
  • Made to Measure Tails
  • Made to Measure Jeans
  • Made to Measure golf shorts, golf pants
  • Made to Measure Kimonos
  • Custom Denim Wears: Jeans, Trousers, Jackets
  • Bespoke Leather Wears: Belts, Jackets, Trousers
  • Made to Measure Overcoats

New Look Collection Men and Women Custom Tailor - Best Pattaya tailor

We can design on your favorites USA, Japan, UK., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, china, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Islands, Swaziland, Sweden, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish , Switzerland, , Finland, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Taiwan, Hong kong, Scotland, Russia, Holland, Mexico Style for Ladies & Gentleman and all of fashion.

In addition, we take up bulk orders for Work wear, Hospital Uniforms, School Uniforms, Military Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms, Restaurant & Bar Uniforms and ship over to around the world.

Services:  Tailoring, Alteration Services, Wholesale, Export.

Special for Weddings: Bespoke Wedding Suits and Dresses

For Online Orders: Please send an Email to ,


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Custom Tailor Pattaya

Welcome to Pattaya and the home of New Look Collection Custom Tailor, the bespoke tailor with a name standing for quality and trust. Since 1995, NLC Tailor has been providing fine custom clothing, tailored with high quality materials and blended with excellent workmanship. We strive to provide bespoke clothing of top quality at very reasonable prices and excellent customer service. Our attention to each detail and quality has given us a return of clients Year after Year. We guarantee our Services, Quality and Workmanship.

We offer customized bespoke Gents and Ladies clothings specially tailored to perfection. From the comfort of your home, you can have your personal custom tailors designing your custom clothing through our web site, with no need to travel overseas.
Our Styles include classic single-breasted, double breasted suits, blazers, Overcoats, shirts for Men and double-breasted, single breasted jackets, blouses and dresses for women.
Our fabrics range from 100% Cashmere wools for Overcoats. Linens, pure Cashmere and Merino wools, Silks, Silk/Cashmere for suitings and Swiss cottons, Oxfords , silks and silk blends for shirts.
Bespoke Tailor Made to Measure Suits Pattaya - Thailand


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RESELLER TAILOR – New Look Collection Tailor Reseller Program

Looking for a supplier who can provide solution to set up your own tailoring business without having a long list of suppliers to deal with for every individual product and service which makes up the tailoring business? Or planing to set up your own tailoring portal on the internet and start making money?

Please note that tailoring business has been ruled by the asian countries because of “Cheaper labor workforce” and “Expertise in tailoring”

Our Reseller Program
If you are interested to set up your own tailor stores or your own online tailor portal and are in need for a reputable, responsible, trustworthy and professional tailor partner, we will be happy to provide the below options to you:
Setting Up Your Own Tailor Store
If you want to start a tailor business in your country, we are able to provide the following services:
– Supply Fabrics, Workmanship and/or Tailor Accessories (for prices, email us with your requirements)
– Provide Measurement Forms for Men and Women (for Verified Reseller Tailors only)
– Provide Standard Order Forms (for Verified Reseller Tailors only)
– Provide Fabric Sample Books (you pay for the cost of Fabric Sample Books and shipping cost)
– Provide Design Books (you pay for the cost of Design Books and shipping cost)
– Provide your brand name Labels  (you pay for the cost of manufacturing the Labels and shipping cost)
– 14 days turn-around delivery (including shipping time), upon receiving payment for order

In order to be a Verified Reseller Tailor, we require the following from you:

1) Your complete company and personal profile
2) A copy of your Company’s Business Registration in your country

You already own a tailor business
If you already own a tailor business in your country, we are able to provide the following services:
– Supply Fabrics, Workmanship and/or Tailor Accessories
– 14 days turn-around delivery (including shipping time)
Setting Up Your Own Online Tailor Portal
If you want to set up an online tailor portal, Please reach us we would be more than happy to help you.
The following information and details are required in order for us to verify you. One of our officers may call to speak to you or you may be asked further information or details before your inquiry can be replied.

– A copy of your Company’s Business Registration in your country
– Exact point of service in which you wish to be a part of our Reseller Program
– Your requirements

Start-up Kits
We provide the following Start-up Kit to Verified Reseller Tailors:
– Fabric Swatches

Comprising fabric swatches suitable for Men & Women Suits,  Men & Women Jackets, Men & Women Pants, Men & Women Vests, Women Skirts and Men & Women Shirts. Price List is included with the fabric swatches. See pictures of the Fabrics Swatches books.

– Manuals
Order Forms, Body Stance Identifiers and Complete Measurement Instructions.

Please send an email for the cost of Start-up Kits


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James Bond Wedding Theme

Getting Married?? What about going for a James Bond Wedding Theme..

"ready for action" super sexy spy wedding dress custom made

super sexy spy wedding dress

Bond’s Custom Made Suit for “Him”

Daniel Craig Tuxedo Wedding Suit

Daniel Craig Tuxedo Wedding Suit

Bond Girl Dresses for “Her”

Bond Girl Dress for Wedding

Bond Girl Dress for Wedding

Have a lovely wedding!!! Cheers!!!


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Dress to Goal.. Dress like Daivd Beckham

David beckham black vest - Made to Measure

David beckham black vest - Made to Measure

David Beckham Grey Suit - Made to Measure - New Look Collection Tailor - Inside Areca Lodge

David Beckham Grey Suit - Made to Measure


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Dress to Kill.. Dress Like Bond 007

Dress Like James Bond:
Tuxedo Shirt: Made to Measure

Tuxedo Shirt-made to measure James Bond Style

Tuxedo Shirt-James Bond Style

A black tuxedo and this pure white shirt with a winged-tip collar make a deadly combination.

Tuxedo Black - Made to Measure

Deadly combination -Dress to Kill the Bond Way


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Shirting Fabic

Many different kind of shirting fabric available.

1. Linen – Luxury casual wear

2. Spun cotton – Luxury casual and formal wear

3. Oxford cotton

4. Twill Cotton – Formal wear

5. Silk – Party wear


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Custom Tailors Thailand

NLC Tailors offers Men’s suits “Made to measure” in many styles and designs. All available at very genuine price.
Our groom’s attire and men’s wedding suits include summer linen suits perfect for beach wedding as well as super light weight light color suits best used outdoor. We specialize in Italian Suits in solid or pinstripe designs.
Our Bride’s attire and women’s wedding suits include silk and sartin dresses perfect for indoor and outdoor. We make all kind of bridal dresses all made to measure.

Our wool suits are made from same fabric used in Hugo Boss Suits, Canali suits and Zegna suits. Our brands range from Firado, Rizzoli, Palasso, Baroni, Tessori, Mantoni, Gianni, Natazzi, Galante Uomo & more.

New Look Collection Custom Tailors provides 100% Authentic men’s suits which is defect free, brand new and as advertised.

When you shop at NLC Tailors, you can be confident that the items surpass all your expectations. We offer amazing deals on wedding suits and groom’s attire as well as uniform like men’s clothing for your events. Our huge selection of men’s attire and dress suits includes many colors and designs you can’t find in any other stores or locations.

Our moto is that you get what you pay for, but here at NLC Tailors, you get MUCH more Best way to reach us, is via Contact Us form

Our wide collection of authentic mens suits are available at the genuine rates as well. Mens suits prices at NLCTailors are the most affordable and with high quality material.

To shop online via NLCTailors website is very much secure, its as much secure as shopping mens suits from a retail shop. YOu only need to fill the Order form available at our website, Send it to us and inform us about your most convinent method of payment. Branded accessories for mens suits along with mens blazers, mens pinstripe suits, tapered flat front men suits, 1 button suits, 2 button suits, 3 button suits, 4 button suits, vested men suits, double breasted suits, tuxedos, wedding suits, long mens suits for all seasons. The fabric used by AH Fashion is the most comfortable for any occasion and atmosphere.

Professional mens suits manufacturer in Thailand offering the latest mens suits, business mens suits, casual suits, designer suits, Italian suits, wool suits, dress suits, tuxedos, fancy suits with all different styles, colors as well as sizes.

We also provide wholesale purchases for customers interested to purchase mens suits in wholesale price. All colors are available in mens suits as black suits, gray suits, charcoal suits, navy suits, brown suits, beige suits, bronze suits, tan suits, red suits, olive green suits and many more for all occasions.

New Look Collection provides a facility for online tailoring of mens suits, tuxedos, mens blazers, casual suits, wool suits, Italian suits, mens dress suits, mens business suits and all types of mens suits, and either it’s a tailoring for long suits or short suits for any size and style.

We speciallise in Formalwear- Classic Peak & Regular Lapel Tuxedos & Fashion Tuxedos. Classic & Contemporary Wedding Suits for your special day.

Custom Made Suits Online

Custom Made Suits, Shirts -


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Ladies Size Chart


Ladies Jacket Size Chart

SIZE Chest(fullest part) Waist Hip Sleeve Length
6 38in / 100cm 34in / 86cm 40in / 101cm 24in / 60cm
8 40in / 104cm 35in / 88cm 41.5in / 105cm 24in / 60cm
10 42in / 108cm 37in / 93cm 43in / 109cm 24in / 60cm
12 44in / 111cm 38in / 96cm 44.5in / 113cm 24.5in / 62cm
14 46in / 116cm 40in / 101cm 46.5in / 118cm 24.5in / 62cm
16 48in / 122cm 42in / 106cm 48.5in / 123cm 25in / 63cm
18 50in / 127cm 44in / 111cm 50.5in / 128cm 25in / 63cm
20 52in / 132cm 46in / 116cm 52.5in / 133cm 25.5in / 65cm
22 54in / 137cm 48in / 121cm 54.5in / 138cm 25.5in / 65cm
24 56.5in / 143cm 51in / 129cm 57in / 145cm 26in / 66cm
26 59in / 150cm 53.5in / 135cm 59.5in / 151cm 26in / 66cm
28 60.5in / 154cm 56in / 142cm 62in / 157cm 26.5in / 67cm
30 63in / 160cm 58.5in / 148cm 64.5in / 164cm 26.5in / 67cm
Women Dress\Coat Size Chart (in Inches)
Women Pant Sizing Chart:

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