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Thanks Giving \ Christmas Special – Gift your self Bespoke Suit

Gift your self the best bespoke suit.

Order Online :

We cut slim and sleek for a modern look that’s both striking and refined. Every NLC Bespoke garment is crafted to your precise measurements – and finished to our exacting standards – for an unparalleled fit that is sure to command attention.

Choose from thousands of fabrics from the world’s finest mills including Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Zegna and Ariston.

Personalize your suit with styling options limited only by your imagination.

bespoke suit

Happy Holidays

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Made-to-Order Polo-shirts Golf-Shirts T-Shirts (Custom Embroidery and Printing)

Looking for Made-to-Order Polo-shirts\Golf Shirts\T-Shirts?

You’re in the right place  Welcome to the NLC Polo-shirts\Golf Shirts\T-Shirts Service. We’ve got all kinds of wholesale OEM polo-shirts.

Custom Polo Golf Shirt With Embroidery or Printing

Custom Polo Golf Shirt With Embroidery or Printing

About Polo Fashion Custom Made

We are one of Thailand’s leading wholesale supplier of polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts and other casual wear items. We are the easiest way to purchase top quality clothing in bulk at reasonable prices

Company Polo Shirts with Fashion Trends

For certain companies, looking ‘cool’ is a big part of their image and that includes following certain fashion trends. This becomes possible with company shirts only when the shirt is fully customizable and usually when personal consultation is involved

Today, thousands of companies use dress shirts as marketing merchandise, from airline uniforms, bartenders, waiters, to high end product promotion, however most of them lack the touch of quality and design that in turn positively increases customers or potential customers’ perception of one’s brand.
Quality custom polo shirts pump up company awareness

Not only do good quality embroidered polo shirts make fine corporate uniforms in almost every industry from restaurants to banking, they are also excellent client gifts and corporate giveaways that will carry your message far beyond your home base. The key is to select shirts in popular colors and quality fabrics and to design a logo that is colorful, sharp, crisp and at-a-glance legible.

Custom T-shirts, Golf Shirts, Polo Shirts, Textile, Embroidery, Thailand, Pattaya, hoodies, tshirts, t-shirts, screen Printing, Screen Print  Pattaya Thailand

Custom T-Shirts


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Dress to Goal.. Dress like Daivd Beckham

David beckham black vest - Made to Measure

David beckham black vest - Made to Measure

David Beckham Grey Suit - Made to Measure - New Look Collection Tailor - Inside Areca Lodge

David Beckham Grey Suit - Made to Measure


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Fine Luxury Custom Tailored Ladies Clothing, Women Bespoke Tailor

Made to Measure Suit, Fully Customized, Bespoke, Business Suit, Formal Suit, Tailored Suit, Wedding Suit Men and Women

Women Bespoke Suits

Women Bespoke Suits

Once you plan to order we would share with you an interactive:

  • Measurement form
  • Style Guide
  • Fabric Guide

Following is the overview of the fabric choices and the styles of jackets available.

Fabric Choices-

Woolen Fabric: Cashmere Wool 80 Thread to 220 Thread Count

Linen:  Best Quality Linen for suits available

Silk: Choose from our exclusive variety of Japanese and Thai silk fabric

Cashmere Silk: Choose from our exclusive variety of Cashmere silk fabric

Based On Occasions-

Wedding Suits:  Special Italian Fabric for wedding Suits

Funeral Suits:  Special Light color fabric in cashmere wool


In addition to major Black, Blue and Grey lots of varieties to choose from


Choose from Plain, Stripes, Pin Stripes, Thick Stripes etc (Please refer our fabric guide)

Jacket Style Options- (Please refer our style guide for detailed Illustrations)

Style 1: Jacket 1 Button, Single Breasted (The jacket 1 button is usually reserved for tuxedos.)

Style 2:  Jacket 2 Buttons, Single Breasted (The jacket 2 buttons is a casual jacket, good for most occasions.)

Style 3:  Jacket 3 Buttons, Single Breasted (The jacket 3 buttons is more formal than the jacket 2 buttons. This style is good for dinner jackets.)

Style 4:  Jacket 4 Buttons, Single Breasted (The jacket 4 buttons is a formal jacket. It makes you look thin. It is generally not recommended for tall people.)

Style 5:  Jacket 4 Buttons, Double Breasted (Formal and elegant. Only one button is used to close the jacket. Double breasted jackets are less common than single breasted. )

Style 6:  Jacket 4 Buttons, Double Breasted (Formal and elegant. Double breasted jackets are less common than single breasted.)

Style 7:  Jacket 6 Buttons, Double Breasted (Formal dinner jacket. Double breasted jackets are less common than single breasted.)

Style 8:  Jacket 6 Buttons, Double Breasted (Less common style. Three buttons used to close the jacket. Double breasted jackets are less common than single breasted.)

In addition to all above option for Jacket vent optionjacket bottom options and jacket pocket options also available with illustrations in our Style Guide.

Women Made to Measure Suits

Women Made to Measure Suits

Dresses Custom Made

Dresses Custom Made


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Trouser Measurement Tutorial: How To Measure for bespoke trouser

To order online you must know how to measure for shirt, jacket, vest, overcoat etc. The video here is a full trouser\pant measurement guide.
Planing to buy a suit or a shirt or a trouser send us an email at
New Look Collection Custom Tailors Pattaya, Thailand


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