Other Services

In addition to tailoring NLC Group is also provides following services:

Uniform Solutions and Embroidery Services

  • Uniforms & Apparel
  • Printing and Embroidery
  • Made to Measure and custom manufactured uniforms

NLC Group offers all our clients a total approach. Our range of products includes: polos, tshirts, jackets, blouses, skirts, suits.In addition to this, uniforms for schools, sports teams, business professionals and work-wear.

We offer custom designed uniforms, polo and shirts. Embroidery, sublimation or screen-print services.

Silk Neck Tie Gift Boxes (Wholesale\Export)

NLC Group is involved in manufacturing, distributing and exporting Silk Neck Tie gift boxes.
Following are the features of the silk Tie gift boxes

Silk Neck Tie Gift Boxes

  • Silk Neck tie with patterns in matching gift box.
  • 100% Woven Fabric Silk
  • Standard Length Neck tie
  • Standard Length Handkerchief
  • Standard Cuff link
  • Standard Tie Clip
  • Outstanding Classic colors and designs
  • Great Quality
  • Sophisticated Styles
  • Gift box color and style matching
  • Every day new style and Patterns
  • Solid Colors Also Available
  • Neck Tie, Cufflinks, and Handkerchief Gift Set with Gift Box.

Styles and pattern changes as per the market demands and trends.

Thai Silk Shirts
NLC group is also involved in exporting  manufacturing, distributing and exporting Thai Silk Shirts.
Thai Silk Shirts are available in all the sizes from S to 5XL. Available in Full Sleeves and Half Sleeves,
Patterns and Solid.

Promotional T-Shirts\Golf Shirts Caps, Sweat Shirts Custom Printing or Embroidery

NLC Group can help you source your custom print t-shirts, shirts, caps, sweat shirts, bags and other promotional products.

Print your logo on t-shirt\polo shirt or get it embroidered
We provide you one stop screen printing, embroidery and custom clothing solution.
Our facility’s goal is to provide all of our clients with the best customer service and at the same time the necessary tools to develop all their custom clothing needs.

Want to promote your company? Promote an event? Promote your golf club? Promote your cricket club?
What about getting your company name printed on a polo shirt or a t-shirt?

We can provide following service:
Your logo printed on t-shirt, polo shirts, caps etc.
Your logo embroidered on t-shirt, polo shirts, caps etc.

We have a large selection of T-shirts, sport shirts, jackets, hats, purses, tote bags, sweatshirts and other items to place your embroidery and\or printing on. Send us your design, your concept, and the number of items and we’ll give you a fair quote.

Computerized embroidery: Logos, Patches, Caps, Shirts, Promotional Items, Pictures, Jackets, Sportswear, Lettering.
Guaranteed quality and satisfaction.

Prices dependent on number of stitches, thread type, number produced, design complexity. It’s all affordable and we work with you to produce what youare looking for. At a great price savings.
Kindly mention the following details in your query:
1. Polo Shirt or Golf Shirt
2. Sizes and respective quantity
3. Attach picture of the logo
4. Size of the logo to be embroided
5. Quality preference (You may specify your budget we can inform which quality is possible in the mentioned budget)

hort or Long Sleeve T-Shirts,Spaghetti Strap T-Shirts,Sweatshirts,Golf Shirts,Caps or Hats,Logo Embroidery,Picture Embroidery,Promotional Items Embroidery,Design Services, Printing Services, Screen Printing Services, Logo printing services Pattaya Thailand

Shirt Cap Mug Bag Printed or Embroidered with your Logo


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